Auditing is one of the most effective tools for judging an organization. The company is reviewed for risks and opportunities of change & improvements while the purpose of the audit remains overall development of business and studying of a client, controls in the organization. Risks are identified and mitigated. Opportunities for building on the efficiency of operations & finances are studied and highlighted. The end result is an organization free from the consequences of risks and frauds and therefore an organization that has grown and become an improved version of itself. The audit team at JBA has performed numerous successful, positive audits with gainful results.

Statutory Audit

JBA produces audit plans upon the request of clients. Subsequent audits are made to ensure that the accounts remain true and fair, adhering to the requirements of any given statute and complying with the specific requirements under the Companies Act.

Tax Audit

JBA perform the mandatory Tax Audits and check the accounts for true nature of the finances; ensure that the accounts reflect all incomes and deductions accurately.