Your tax experts can be your best financial advisors. With JBA, you get a skilled team that has a repository of financial knowledge. Our proficient advisors also function as business consultants who have enabled a number of ventures to come into existence.

Strategies for Investing into India & Abroad

Investing provides opportunities for widening investment diversities and adding the extra moolah. Taking into consideration the nature of investments, whether local or global, we formulate appropriate portfolios and undertake the investment processes end-to-end.

Family Estate Planning

Good estate planning can be instrumental in shaping the financial future of your family. To come up with a good plan, you need a team that can educate you on the essentials of estate planning. Get in touch with us to get relevant information and secure the wellbeing of your family.

Capital Gains Planning

We plan and analyse your capital gains and effectively save taxes for you. Capital Gains planning is important as it stays with you long-term and only by having a clear picture of your current finances can you make profitable gains and take benefits of tax exemptions. Our financial analysts can guide you the right way with their expertise.