JBA has offered professional support to numerous Consultancy firms. These firms have a huge client base, and provide expert guidance and professional advice to organisations. Achieving company deliverables and making appropriate action plans remain the prime objectives of consulting firms. JBA has played huge roles in maintaining client accounts and being an integral part of these high- capacity firms.



FMCGs are often in the midst of a huge number of transactions. These companies are a part of a huge network of manufacturers, distributors and end consumers. Handling accounts and carefully planning tax schemes becomes a tedious task in such cases. JBA has successfully partnered with FMCG companies for tax and accounting services, the associations have proved to be quite gainful.



JBA has also worked with manufacturing companies as their trusted tax consultants and accountants. With their unwavering support, valuable advices and professional expertise, JBA has helped clients perform operations seamlessly.



JBA has been involved in the formation of several new businesses and partnerships. As experts in this field, JBA has helped their clients in the Retail sector in carrying out business functions by undertaking end-to-end financial planning responsibilities, tax saving schemes and performing profitable audits.


Information Technology

JBA has worked with startups and IT companies. With diverse portfolios to their names, these companies require auxiliary financial support staff and JBA is proud to have assisted several of these companies. JBA has undertaken audits, taxation and several other corporate accounting services that have benefited clients.


In addition to the above, JBA has also worked hand in hand with several organizations in various fields:

  • Non-Banking Finance
  • Construction
  • Trading
  • Business Process Units
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Logistics
  • Trusts and Charitable Institutions
  • Hospitality
  • Education Institutions